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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Librarian Liaison

  • Get Flex Credit for Consulting with a Librarian to learn how to incorporate library resources into your classroom to help students succeed.
  • Contact your library liaison to set up an appointment to learn about library resources available to you and your students.


Discipline/Subject Area Librarian Liaison
Accounting Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Administration of Justice Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Anthropology/Archaeology Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Architecture Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Art (Fine Arts) Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Astronomy Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Biology Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Business Administration & Real Estate Yanghee Kim: 741-4661
Chemistry Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Child Studies Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Communication Studies Yanghee Kim: 741-4661
Computer Information Systems Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Counseling Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Court Reporting and Related Technologies Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Dance Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Digital Media Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Disability and Educational Support Program Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Economics Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Engineering Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
English Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
English as a Second Language Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Fashion Design and Apparel Technology Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Film Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Geography Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Geology Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Health Care Technologies Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Health Education Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
History – Latin American & Canada Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479)
History – US History Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
History – World History Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Humanities Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Interior Design Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Kinesiology/Kinesiology Theory Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Mathematics Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Music Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Nutrition Studies Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Oceanography Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Paralegal Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Park Management Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Philosophy Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Photography Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Physical Science Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Physics Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Political Science Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Psychology Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Reading Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Social Justice Studies Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Social Science Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Sociology Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Theater Arts Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Women and Gender Studies Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
World Languages Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479