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NoodleTools - User Guide

How to Format a Bibliography


*NOTE* Images below are from a project using MLA. APA and Chicago will have different inclusions for the citation, but the instructions here remain the same regardless of the style guide.


From the bibliography page, you can add the required formatting for each style guide. Drop down the menu from "Print" symbol and click on "Formatting Options".





This is a list of formatting options. The "List Title" is the name of the bibliography. For MLA, it is titled "Works Cited", APA uses the title "References", and Chicago uses "Bibliography". The default is already set for each style guide, but NoodleTools allows users to change the title if necessary.

The page header does need to be added. Add the appropriate header as noted for your style guide. MLA requires the last name of her person who the bibliography belongs to. APA requires the title of the paper/project. Chicago does not require a header.

If you added annotations, to your citations you can either include them or remove them from you downloaded bibliography.