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Create a Bibliography

Access to the Citation Generator from the Individual Project's Dashboard


*NOTE* Images below are from a project using MLA. APA and Chicago will have different inclusions for the citation, but the instructions here remain the same regardless of the style guide.


To create a bibliography, open up a project. You will be directed to the dashboard of the project. At the top you will find "Sources". Click on link to access the various source types NoodleTools can create a citation for.

Create a New Citation



Create new citation button


You will be directed to the "Sources" page. This page will list all of your completed citations. Click on the "Create a new citation" button to begin a new citation.


Citation source type selection pop-up

A pop-up will appear. This pop-up will narrow down the type of source and it's format before sending you to the citation generator.

  1. This section is where you select how you found the source you are citing.
  2. This section is where you select the source type you are citing.
  3. At the bottom of this pop-up is a legend that shows you what general category of information the source type belongs in.

Citation Generator




NoodleTools Book Citation Generator


This is the page where you create your citation.

  1. This section is the medium type for your source. Select the correct medium type to give you the appropriate field boxes to fill out.
  2. If you have a contributor for your source (i.e. author, editor) select the correct contributor type from the dropdown.
  3. All field boxes with a red asterisk must be filled out before clicking "Save".
  4. When finished filling out the generator click on the "Save" button up top.




Bibliography Listing


After you click "Save" you will be directed to the bibliography listing of all your sources.

  1. The listing will include the source type for each citation. If a permalink or a URL was included in the citation generator, a direct link will be included under the source type for direct access.
  2. The formatted citation will be here. As you add more citations, NoodleTools will automatically arrange the bibliography in alphabetical order.
  3. The dropdown to the right of the citation will include several functions:
    • Edit - Review the citation to see if they are correct or if an edit is needed.
    • Copy - Copy the citation into another project.
    • Delete
    • In-Text Reference - Review how the in-text (parenthetical) citation will look based on the selected style guide.