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NoodleTools - User Guide

How to Create a Bibliography


Within each project you can create a bibliography for every source used in your research. You do need to understand the basics of your style guide in order to create the most complete citations, but NoodleTools will take care of all of the formatting of your citations and bibliography. NoodleTools will alert you within the citation generator when a recognized error is made.


Create Citations and a Bibliography

Access to the Citation Generator from the Individual Project's Dashboard


*NOTE* Images below are from a project using MLA. APA and Chicago will have different inclusions for the citation, but the instructions here remain the same regardless of the style guide.

When you click on your project, you are taken to your Sources page. This is where you will find all of your citation for this project. Click on the "+New Sources" green button in the top right hand corner to for a popup window.

This is where you select your medium of the source you are citing. The types of mediums used are:

  • Database - Any resource you used that requires authentication that you belong to an institute that subscribes to the resource. For example, any resource you use from the WVC Library Subscription databases.
  • Website - Anything found off the free web. For example performing a Google search and using an article from
  • Print or in hand - Anything tangible that you used in your hands like a print book, or a physical newspaper.
  • Viewed/Heard live - Any type of performance, audio clip, or a live event such as a lecture or speech.
  • File, app, e-book - Information found using a mobile app (Twitter, Instagram) or read using a device such as an eBook on an Kindle.
  • Other - This is for resources that are not as common as they once were, but can still be used and need a citation format.

Once you have selected your medium type the menu will drop down and ask you what type of resource you are citing. Each source type has different needs in a citation. The color coded legend at the bottom shares the different categories for the medium chosen.

Citation Generator


Building a Citation from Scratch



This is the page where you create your citation.

  • In the upper right hand corner is a button titled "MLA Guide +". When the button is clicked a quick guide is revealed on how the format of the citation will be for the source type and what the basic information will be requested to create the citation.
  • Above the contributor field boxes is a dropdown named "Role". Drop down the menu and select the role of the source contributor. NoodleTools will add the appropriate titles of the source if they are not the author.
  • If the source has more than one contributor click on "+Add Contributor" to add a second contributor.
  • NoodleTools will notice if there is something wrong with the information added to the field box. In the "Title" field box, it realizes that one of the principal words should be capitalized based on the style guide rules for this bibliography. A small hazard symbol will show and give information on what NoodleTools believes to be correct.
  • Click on the "Save" button up top when citation is complete.

Adding a Previously Formatted Citation to NoodleTools



When a citation has been created in a subscription database or from a website, you can add the entire citation to your bibliography without having to put each citation component into a field box. Add your citation by selecting the medium and source type.

Inside the citation generator, click on "Copy & Paste a citation" at the top next to the "Save" button.


Here is where you will copy and paste the pre-created citation. NoodleTools will not correct format here. It is understood that you know the citation is correct and you are simply adding it. If changes are needed, here is where you can edit the citation. Click "Save" when finished.


Here is the pre-created citation added to the bibliography. There is a note to remind you that this was not a NoodleTools created citation.





After you click "Save" you will be directed to the bibliography listing of all your sources.

The formatted citations will be here. As you add more citations, NoodleTools will automatically arrange the bibliography in alphabetical order.

The listing will include the source type for each citation. If a permalink or a URL was included in the citation generator, a direct link (little arrow in a box) will be included under the source type for direct access.


The dropdown to the right of the citation will include several functions:

  • Edit - Review the citation to see if they are correct or if an edit is needed.
  • Copy - Copy the citation into another project.
  • Delete - Remove a citation from this bibliography.
  • In-Text Reference - Review how the in-text (parenthetical) citation will look based on the selected style guide.