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NoodleTools - User Guide

How to Create a Project


In order to create a bibliography in NoodleTools, you need to start by creating a project. You can create projects for every paper you are working on in any of the three style guides (MLA, APA, Chicago) most commonly used in academic research.


Create a Project

Project Dashboard


This is your "Projects" dashboard. As you create more projects the dashboard will display your projects in order of last opened.

Let's start from the top of the page:

  • The Search box allows you to quickly search your projects by title.
  • The academic year range drop down you can filter your results list to a specific academic year to review the bibliographies you made during that time period.
  • "New Project " button will allow you to add a new project to your collection.

The information bar above your list of projects gives you the headers for each section for each part of your project information.

  • Project title - Name of your project. You can modify this list to be in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical by using clicking on the arrows.
  • Contents - A quick view to see how many sources are in your bibliography, how many note cards have been made, and if any attachments were included in this project. Each icon is a direct link to your project's bibliography, note cards, or attachments.
  • Updated - A timestamp for the last time you worked on this project. You can change the order of your most recent projects to your oldest by clicking on the arrows after "Updated".
  • Shared - Will open a side window for you to decide if you would like to share your project via the NoodleTools inbox, add a collaborator, or make your project public.


  • The three dots at the end of each project will open up an action list for that particular project:
    • Copy - Make a duplicate of your project to edit or add.
    • Add attachment -
    • Rename - Title your project to something else.
    • Change style - If you selected the wrong style guide for your project, you can change it here.
    • Change level - If "Advanced" was not selected, you can change it here.
    • Delete - Remove project completely from your list.
  • There is a "hidden" to-do list on this line between Project Title and Contents. If you hover in this space a little check mark will appear.  Click on the checkmark and a side box will appear with your current to-do, due dates, and an opportunity to add more to your to-do list.


When you are ready to add to start a new project, click on the "+New Project".

Create a New Project


  • Add your Project Title.
  • Select your style guide. Notice the edition of the style guide is included to let you know which rules the citation generator will follow.
  • Always select "Advanced" as your citation level. This will give you access to all the resources NoodleTools offers.
  • Click "Submit" to create your new project and be directed to the dashboard to this new project.