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OneSearch: About OneSearch

When should I use OneSearch?

OneSearch is most helpful when you:

  • are looking for books or material, such as a calculator or textbooks, to check out from the Library
  • are looking for books to check out from Mission College
  • are exploring possible topics and want an idea of what's available
  • aren't sure which databases would be good for your topic
  • only want a few articles and don't need more sophisticated options found in individual databases
  • are curious about whether a broader search in more than one database turns up anything unexpected and interesting
  • are looking for the full text of an article for which you already have a citation; in these cases search for a distinctive phrase from the article title along with the author's last name.
  • want to search within a specific journal; in these cases start your search by selection Find Journal from the top of the page

When should I use an individual database?

OneSearch may not be helpful when you:

  • are conducting research for a specific subject, you may want to use one of our subject specific databases. These databases are typically more comprehensive, and may include useful search options for your research.
  • need information from a database that is not included in OneSearch.