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Entrepreneurial Center Resources

Library resources for further research on events held at the Center.

November 6, 2023 Workshop

How To Write a Business Plan

Mark Tolliver has spent over 40 years at various tech companies in the valley -Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Palamida. During his E-Center presentation last night on “How to Write a Business Plan”, he highlighted the importance of this document for all businesses, outlined its sections, and provided examples based on the software company he started. His session was full of stories, valuable tips, and inspiration! Please encourage your students to check out the recording if they were unable to attend!  

Below are some of the books on business plans from the WVC Library. To see his talk, and learn about the Entrepreneurial Center, visit the  E-Center page.


Accessing E-Books

O’Reilly e-books require you to login to O’Reilly. The links for each book below takes you to a description of the book. Click on the "O'Reilly" link in the description. Once there, follow the instructions for creating an account in O’Reilly. Use your wvm email address to register. Detailed instructions:

E-books from Ebook Central, Ebsco and Gale will link you to a description of the book. Click on the "Ebsco" or "Ebook Central" link in the description to open the book.


book cover

Writing Your Plan for Small Business Success by Ian Birt, 2016. (Ebook Central)

book cover

Creating Business Plans: gather your resources, describe the opportunity, get buy-in, narrated by James Edward Thomas, 2022. (O'Reilly)

book cover

Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents by Louise Levison, 2022. (O'Reilly)

book cover

Business Plans Handbook by Joseph Palmisano, 2018. (Gale)

book cover

FT Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan by Vaughn Evans, 2022. (O'Reilly)

book cover

The Small Business Start-Up Kit for California, Nolo Press, 2018. (Print)

book cover

Starting a Business QuickStart Guide by Ken Colwell, 2019. (Print)