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Entrepreneurial Center Resources

Library resources for further research on events held at the Center.

October 11, 2023 Workshop

How To Patent Your Idea

Brent Fairbanks, a primary patent examiner with the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office,  informed our students of the different types of patents, the application process, and the benefits patents offer. 

Below are some of the books on patents from the WVC Library. To see his talk, and learn about the Entrepreneurial Center, visit the  E-Center page..


Accessing E-Books

O’Reilly e-books require you to login to O’Reilly. The links for each book below takes you to a description of the book. Click on the "O'Reilly" link in the description. Once there, follow the instructions for creating an account in O’Reilly. Use your wvm email address to register. Detailed instructions:

E-books from Ebook Central, Ebsco and Gale will link you to a description of the book. Click on the "Ebsco" or "Ebook Central" link in the description to open the book.


book cover

Nolo's Patents for Beginners by Richard Stim and David Pressman, 2021. (Ebsco ebook)

book cover

Patent It Yourself by David Pressman, 2020. (Ebsco ebook)

book cover

Profit from Your Idea: How to Make Smart Licensing Deals by Richard Stim, 2020. (Ebsco ebook)

book cover

How to Make Patent Drawings by Jack Lo and David Pressman, 2019. (Ebsco ebook)

book cover

Intellectual Property Basics:  A Q&A for Students by the World Intellectual Property Organization, 2019. (Ebook Central)

book cover

Inventing The Future:  An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by The World Intellectual Property Organization, 2018. (Ebook Central)

book cover

The Inventor's Complete Handbook How to Develop, Patent, and Commercialize Your Ideas by James L. Cairns, 2015. (Ebook Central)

book cover

Low Cost Inventions and Patents edited by  Francisco Manzano Agugliaro, 2022. (DOAB)

book cover

Patents : Prompting or Restricting Innovation? by Marc Baudry; Béatrice Dumont, 2017. (Ebook Central)

no book cover; placeholder

Intellectual Property edited by Sakthivel Lakshmana Prabu,  Kuppusami Suriyaprakash, and Timmakkondu Narasimman, 2022. (DOAB)