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English 1B_Richey_Gothic Literature: Welcome!

English 1B "Researching Gothic Literature"


Librarian Jasmine Colon   Hello!

My name is Jasmine Colón and I am the Librarian working with Jeanette Richey for English 1B. This guide created to help you with your research on Gothic Literature. You will find information through the research process, provide instruction on searching subscription databases, building citations and bibliographies, the different types of literary criticisms, and how to locate popular symbolism in literature.

I am available to you via:


Library Reference Chat:

Tuesdays 8am-11am and 4pm-7:30pm. Thursdays 11:30am-2:00pm


Getting Started with Databases

Getting Started with Databases


You will need your WVC student email to access the WVC Library's subscription databases.  Access to the databases is 24/7 on and off campus.


To access the WVC subscription databases:

  1. Visit the WVC website and click on "Library" from the top banner.
  2. On the WVC Library's homepage click on "Databases Find Articles" from the left-hand nav.

Library Homepage. Step one link to the Library. Step 2 link to the WVC subscription databases.

WVC Library Subscription Database Homepage

Welcome to our database homepage! All of our databases go through a proxy server so you will need to use your WVC email address to access our collection.

You can use our databases to find reputable quality resources in many source types and subjects:

  • Peer reviewed and scholarly articles/journals
  • Periodicals
  • Statistical
  • Images
  • Streaming video and sounds
  • Statistics
  • Simulations


For this course, the focus will be on two literary criticism subscription databases:

  • Literary Reference Center Plus (EBSCO)
  • Literature Resource Center (Gale)