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Technology Lending @ WVC Library: Tripods and Accessories

The Technology Lending Program provides access to cameras, microphones, green screens and a number of other accessories to help you succeed in your class projects.

Tripods and Accessories



The Manfrotto MVH500A Fluid Drag Video Head with MVT502AM Tripod is a two-stage tripod featuring a 75mm bowl and includes a 75 to 60mm adapter for the MVH500A head. The legs are individually adjustable and feature a mid-level spreader for stability on uneven ground. The minimum height of the tripod and head is just over two feet, for getting low angle shots, and the maximum height is just over five feet.

Product Highlights:

  • Supports 11 Pounds
  • Wide Platform for Camcorders & HDSLRs
  • 60mm Half Ball for Leveling
  • Spring-Loaded Counterbalance
  • Side Lock Quick Release System
  • Integrated Bubble Level
  • Two-Stage Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader

Manfrotto tripodThe Manfrotto MVT502AM is a lightweight video tripod. It comes with a Libec video head (not pictured).  Its telescopic twin-leg structure is made with elliptical aluminium tubes that help reduce torsion, and it includes a fixed mid-level spreader for increased rigidity and faster set-up. Includes 60mm adapter.(Company website)

Product Highlights:

  • Libec 75mm video head (not pictured)
  • For 75mm/60mm Half-Ball Video Heads
  • Load Capacity: 33 lb
  • Max Height: 56.5"
  • Min Height: 22.44"
  • Folded Length: 24.21"
  • Leg Sections: 3
  • Weight: 4.23 lb

Website    Tripod Basics by Manfrotto

Background Screens and Accessories


blue green screenThe Fotodiox collapsible blue green screen is 5' x 7' and comes with a carry bag and support stand. 


Name Photo Description WVC call no.
Casey Case GoPro case When you check out the GoPro camera, you will need this item as well. TechLoan Casey Case
Combo cable GoPro cables The Combo Cable connects through the camera's USB port, enabling composite video output, as well as 3.5mm mic input and USB connectivity. TechLoan Combo Cable
Curved + flat adhesive mounts Attach the GoPro to curved and flat surfaces with these industrial-strength waterproof adhesive mounts. Can be removed by heating the adhesive bond with a hair dryer then peeling off the mount. GoPro Curved Plus Flat Adhesive Mounts
Dual battery charger & battery Hero 5 battery charger Hero 5 Black charger. Includes Dual Battery Charger (HERO5 Black), 2 Rechargeable Batteries (HERO5 Black) and USB-C Cable  TechLoan GoPro Dual Battery Charger and Battery
Gooseneck GoPro Gooseneck This bendable neck delivers a wide range of adjustability, making it easy to capture a wide range of perspectives. Combine it with any GoPro mount that features a quick release base, or use it on its own as a handheld camera grip. TechLoan GoPro Gooseneck
Handlebar, seatpost, pole mount GoPro handlebar mount Mount to handlebars, seatposts, ski poles and more. Compatible with all GoPro cameras. Includes Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount; Large Rubber Insert ; Small Rubber Insert :Vertical Mounting Buckle; Long Thumb Screw.  TechLoan GoPro Handlebar / SeatPost / Pole Mount
Headstrap & QuickClip Includes a Head Strap and a QuickClip for a variety of head-mounting options. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the Head Strap can be strapped to a helmet or directly on your head. The QuickClip can be used to attach your GoPro to baseball caps, belts and more.  TechLoan GoPro Head Strap and QuickClip
Helmet front & side mount GoPro front/side mount

Includes 2 Curved Adhesive Mounts; Swivel Mount Assembly; Vertical Mounting Bukle; Long Thumb Screw.

Mount any GoPro to the front or side of helmets.

Note: When using adhesive mounts on helmets, don't mount to textured surfaces.

 TechLoan GoPro Helmet Mounts
Large tube  mount

Includes Large Tube Mount, Rubber Insert, Vertical Mounting Buckle and Long Thumb Screw.

Attach the GoPro to roll bars, railings or any tubes from 1.4 to 2.5in (3.5 to 6.35cm) in diameter.

 TechLoan GoPro Large Tube Mount  
Micro HDMI cable GoPro HDMI cable Use this Micro HDMI cable to plug your GoPro into your HDTV for stunning, smooth big-screen playback of your GoPro footage. 6' (1.8m) length.  TechLoan GoPro Micro HDMI Cable
Mic adapter (3.5mm) Capture high-quality audio when you connect an external professional-level microphone to your HERO5 Black or HERO5 Session with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter.  TechLoan GoPro Pro-quality 3.5mm Mic Adapter
Instrument mount (removable)

Includes 3 Removable Instrument Mounts and 2 Replacement Adhesive Strips. Mounts must be returned; adhesive strips are single-use only. Mount your GoPro to guitars, drums, turntables, keyboards and more to capture immersive footage during practice or performance.

 TechLoan GoPro Removable Instrument Mounts
Jam adjustable music mount GoPro's The Jam is an adjustable mount used to attach your GoPro to just about any stand or instrument on stage. Includes Music Clip with 3 pieces.  TechLoan GoPro The Jam Adjustable Music Mount  
Tripod mount(2) Includes Tripod Mount and Quick Release Tripod Mount. Attach the GoPro to any standard tripod using the Tripod Mount or the Quick Release Tripod Mount. Also includes a lightweight Mini Tripod that attaches directly to your GoPro’s frame or housing.  TechLoan GoPro Tripod Mounts
Hero Session standard frame Frame for GoPro Session The Standard Frame makes it easy to attach the HERO Session to any GoPro mount to create a wide array of compact gear setups. Includes Standard Frame, Mounting Buckle, Short Thumb Screw. TechLoan GoPro Std Frame
Hero 5 Black frame Hero 5 Black replacement frame Replacement frame for Hero 5 Black.  TechLoan GoPro The Frame (HERO5 Black)
Surfboard mount GoPro surfboard mounts

Dude, we have surfboard mounts. Attach the GoPro to surfboards, SUPs, kayaks and more. Includes 2 Surfboard Mounts, 2 Adhesive Anchors, 2 Camera Tethers, FCS Male Plug Mount and Locking Plug.

Note:  Don't mount to soft-top boards as they are porous and the mount will not adhere properly.

 TechLoan GoPro Surfboard Mounts


black white screenThe BCK collapsible black white screen is 5' x 7' and comes with a carry bag and support stand.