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BUSN 24 (Stokke): Assignments

Library resources for Business 24, International Business Management

Assignment One

International Business Management In the News Presentation

Find three related news articles about international business and management from business magazines or newspapers, such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times, to present to the class. Give a brief overview of the articles and explain how they relate to business and the topics we are studying (use PowerPoint, Prezi or some other presentation software). Post your presentation under the corresponding Discussion link (40 points). You must respond to at least two classmates’ presentations (5 point each).


  • Best library databases for this assignment:

    • Academic Search Complete (other business sources, local newspapers, trade publications)
    • Business Source Complete (Bloomberg News, Investors Business Daily, Harvard Business Review etc.)
    • New York Times (must create a username/password first using your account. Good for 1 year)
    • Wall Street Journal (must create a username/password first using your account. Good for 1 year)


Assignment Two

Team Project: Case Study Outline and Presentation

  • Best library databases for this assignment:

    • Business Insights Global (Case Studies)
    • Business Source Complete (Bloomberg News, Investors Business Daily, Harvard Business Review etc.)
    • Academic Search Complete (other business sources, local newspapers, trade publications)

You are required to analyze an assigned case study using the information from the textbook, plus additional research. Give a synopsis of the case, the international business implications, and your recommendations for addressing the issues. A minimum of 3 references in addition to the textbook are required. Wikipedia does not count as a source. You must cite your sources. 

  1. Develop a project plan: Decide as a team how and when you will complete the different parts of the assignment. Explain whether you will use Skype or some other online meeting tool, google docs or other document software. Include your expectations of each other and a timeline for completion of each part of the project. This is a team project, so you need to work together to conduct the analysis. Dividing the project up and then putting it together will look like people worked independently. 
  2. Analyze a case study: Each team will analyze a case study together on an assigned international business management issue. 
  3. Write an outline: First develop a draft outline of your team’s analysis that will ultimately become the team presentation. I will give you feedback before you finish the presentation. Every student must turn in a copy of the team’s outline to receive credit. It must be 1 1/2 pages minimum to 3 pages maximum – the outline will serve as your map to put together your presentation. 
  4. Analysis content: Include in the analysis of the case: a synopsis of the case; the global issues; how the circumstance/s impacts the stakeholders of the organization; and recommendations for resolving or addressing the issue/situation and the anticipated outcome of your recommendation. Include a reference page (put the name of the student who provided the reference, next to it). If the case study includes questions, you may use those questions as a guide for analyzing the case; however, you must also do a broader analysis of potential issues and implications beyond the questions. Then state which of the recommendations you would implement and why. 
  5. Develop a presentation: Create a presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi or some other presentation software (15 to 20 slides). The presentation is a formal discussion of the case study that should inform your fellow classmates about the case, your findings, recommendations, and rationale. Although, it is a team project and there is one presentation per team, each team member must submit a copy of the outline under assignments to receive credit. 
  6. Post one copy of the presentation per team under the Discussion You’ll find the specific link in Discussions or under the corresponding week’s assignment list under Modules. In addition, each team member must submit a copy under the assignment link to receive credit. 
  7. Respond to at least 3 classmates’ presentations in Discussions (60-75 words). 
  8. Evaluate your own and your teammates’ performance. This is the second part of the team project. Each student must turn in a description of each team member's performance. Write 1 - 2 paragraphs about each team member’s participation. You also must write a reflection of your performance, including what you learned from the experience, and what you would do differently in the future. This evaluation is confidential, so you turn it in to the instructor directly by submitting it under the link provided. This part of the team project counts as participation points. You must write the evaluation with honest reflection to receive points. It is confidential and will be read only by the instructor.