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Music History: Welcome

Link to Classical Music History Research guide


This guide is meant to serve as a starting point of Music History and is not meant to be exhaustive. Use the left hand navigation to review various resources owned and subscribed to from the WVC Library and free resources from the free web.

Finding Background Information


Reference books, like bibliographies, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, can be good starting places when you're trying to find basic information. Below are the encyclopedias and dictionaries of Music History that WV library has.

Online Reference books

eBook Reference books

Ask a Librarian


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Tip for success

*When you find a good source (book, article, web page), record the title, author, and other bibliographic info (journal title, web address, etc.).

*Take notes from your sources.

*As you read, mark the parts you might like to quote in your paper.

*Keep organized. Keep a folder on your computer (or in the cloud) or a binder with copies of articles, your notes, and drafts of your outline.