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Climate Change: Taking Action

Taking Action

West Valley College Library Books


The Climate Book
A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion
Global Sustainable Cities : city governments and our environmental future
One Green Thing : Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet.
Pandora's Toolbox
Managing the Climate Crisis : Designing and Building for Floods, Heat, Drought, and Wildfire
Climate Stewardship:Taking Collective Action to Protect California.
All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis
Different Shades of Green:African literature, environmental justice, and political ecology
Surviving Climate Chaos
Beyond Sustainability: A Thriving Environment
Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger
Shoulder to Shoulder:Working Together for a Sustainable Future
Climate Lyricism
Our Plastic Problem and How to Solve It
Teaching Climate Change : Fostering Understanding, Resilience, and a Commitment to Justice

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