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O'Reilly Safari Books Online: Welcome!

Getting started with O'Reilly for Instructors


This guide is a starting point on how to use O'Reilly Safari books through the WVC Library.

What Is Included In This Database?

Coverage: Mostly 2004 to present

Users: Unlimited simultaneous users

Source Types: Tech books, manuals, videos, learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials, and subject playlists on programming languages, applications, systems, networking, web design and development, and more. Over 48,000 titles; very current.

Subjects: Computer science, web development, data science, applications, and increasing in resources on other subjects like Entrepreneurial , Real Estate, Fashion Design

Printing: None

Download: None

How Can I Access This Database?

Account Activation/Registration Required

Registration for O'Reilly Books is required.

Access to this subscription database is available on-campus and off without SSO. , but you will need to sign up for an account. You will need to initiate SSO to gain access to an account sign up. Once your account is set-up, you no longer need to WVC Library link to access your account.


Desktop and Mobile App

Download the O'Reilly app from the Google Play (Android) or Apple (OiS) App Store.

App provides...

  • Read items on or offline
  • Search for titles
  • Create Playlists
  • Access or add to a Playlist


Accessing O'Reilly Tech Books Through WVC Library


O'Reilly Safari ebooks require a different login process compared to many online resources available through WVC Library.

Your initial access O'Reilly Safari ebooks you will need to start from the WVC Library database collection page.


From the Subscription Database page you can either narrow down your results to "eBooks" from the Source Types dropdown, or click on O to retrieve all databases beginning an O.



WVC is not listed under the "Select your institution" drop-down menu. Click on "Not Listed? to continue.



(1)  If you do not have O'Reilly account you can enter your email to gain temporary access.  After doing so, O'Reilly will send you a confirmation email with a link to create a password-protected account.

(2)  If you already have an O'Reilly account you must use the link that reads "Already a user? Click here."  and log in.

(3) Once you have a verified O'Reilly account you can bookmark the homepage you do not need to use the WVC Library link to access again.