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Latinx Studies - Farmworking and The United Farmerworkers Movement (UFW : Farmworking and The United Farm Workers Movement (UFW)

The United Farm Workers Movement (UFW)

WVC Library Books



Photographing Farmworkers in California
Jessie de la Cruz
Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence
A Dolores Huerta Reader
Fight in the Fields
Cesar Chavez and la Causa
Remembering Cesar
Migrant Workers
Guest Workers or Colonized Labor?
Corridors of Migration
The Farmworkers' Journey
Beasts of the Field: A Narrative History of California Farm Workers, 1769-1913

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Subject terms to use in Academic Search Complete to give you more resources on the same topics as the articles below:


  • Agricultural laborers
  • Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee
  • Chicano Movement
  • Hispanic American labor union members
  • LABOR unions -- Political activity

Free Web Sources


Streaming Video


‘Message Of Opportunity’: The Significance Of Cesar Chavez And His Legacy
Finding Cesar Chavez -- a transformative moment
1:08 / 12:44 'American Identity' – Labor Leader Dolores Huerta On Coining Iconic Phrase “Sí Se Puede”
How Dolores Huerta continues to fight for social justice

Podcasts Episodes on Farmworker Rights and the UFW


Life and Legacy of Cesar Chavez Podcast -  United Farm Workers Foundation with Leydy Rangel
Vermont Law and Graduate School Podcast Hothouse Earth -
Beyond the Furrows