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Kinesiology Theory: KINT 030: Database Searching

Guide developed for Heidi Davis' section 70773, Fall 2017

Articles from WVC Library Database Academic Search Complete

As a student at West Valley College, you have access to many databases to help with your research. You can access the databases through Library's database page.

The databases are listed by subject area. For this class, you will be using Academic Search Complete, the largest and most diverse of the library's databases. In this database you can find magazine, newspaper and scholarly journal articles. The video below shows the basic search techniques for the database. Once you start the video, you can click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right to watch the video inside YouTube, where you can also access the transcript.

After you watch the video, try searching keywords for the topics you will be covering in your assignments. For example:

therap* exercise and kinesiology

coaching sport* and career

The asterisk ( *) at end of therap is called a truncation. What this does is tell the database to search the root of the word and any alternate endings. So in this search you would get back therapy, therapies, therapeutic. etc. In essence, you are doing multiple keyword searches in one.