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Privacy Online

Privacy of Technology



screen capture of TOR website

Tor is free software and an open network that helps defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance.

Congress voted in 2017 to allow ISPs to sell your web history without your knowledge or consent. Do you need a VPN?


Surveillance Tips


Surveillance Self-Defense Logo from Electronic Frontier Foundation

Surveillance Self Defense Toolkit from the Electronic Frontier Foundation


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The Incognito or Private feature of most browsers do not stop the websites you visit from tracking you, but they do prevent tracking of your web activity on the computer you are using.  These features are especially useful when using public or shared computers. 


  • Disconnect Named favorite privacy tool from The New York Times, 2016
  • One Million Badgers -- Explains how Privacy Badger works to stop your browsing from being tracked, and provides a link to download. Privacy Badger recently surpassed 1 million users. From the Electronic Frontier Foundation, April 2017.