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Business: BUSN 051

Research sources for your paper


This guide is meant to serve as a starting point <Insert topic> and is not meant to be exhaustive. Use the left hand navigation to review various resources owned and subscribed to from the WVC Library and free resources from the free web.

Find Your Topic


You have been given a list of suggested topics by your instructor.  The first step is to read a background report on your topic to familiarize yourself with the issues and to gather important vocabulary specific to your topic.

The following West Valley databases contain short reports on important topics in the news.  Your topic may be covered.  Search a keyword or phrase from your topic (i.e. "sexual harrassment").  Have your Student ID handy:

Facts on File

  • Choose "Issues & Controversies" once you are logged in.
  • Read the section called "Issues: Pro & Con" on the left. Explore the different topics.

CQ Researcher

  • Choose the "Pro/Con" link on the left once you are logged in.
  • Explore all the different topics.

Points of View Reference Center

  • Browse by Category

Something to Think About


What makes work satisfying? Apart from a paycheck, there are intangible values that, Barry Schwartz suggests, our current way of thinking about work simply ignores. It's time to stop thinking of workers as cogs on a wheel.