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CHST 002 (Moore-Wines)

Child Growth & Development


Assignment 1

Write a 3-4 page word-processed summary of the major theories of child development as they pertain to child development.  Include Piaget, Erikson, Bronfenbrenner, and Vygotsky.  Include a list of stages for Piaget and Erikson.  Write one statement for each theorist at describes how the theory has been put into practice and may be observed in child development programs.  Use your text and at least two other sources to research this assignment.  Include a bibliography.



icon of computer Assignment 2

Choose one of the following topics to explore in greater depth.  Write a 5 page word processed summary of current information on one of the following topics.  Include a bibliography.

  • Technology and Children: what the research says about affects- advantages and disadvantages.
  • Obesity  and it’s affect on young children’s physical, social and emotional health and well-being.
  • Affects of bullying on children.  What parents, schools and the community can do to prevent it
  • Appropriate guidance methods for children during toddlerhood, preschool and school age years.
  • How birth order and the number of siblings influences a child’s development.


Watch the Library Research Video

This is a recording of an CHST 002 orientation conducted in fall 2020. It reviews the following:

  • The two assignments
  • Library services
  • Why use library databases
  • How to find sources for the first assignment using CREDO Reference
  • How to find sources for the first and second assignments using Academic Search Compete
  • How to search Google for academically relevant content
  • How to use Google Scholar
  • Introduction to NoodleTools


CHST 002 Library Orientation

Research Worksheet

This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts and search strategy as you begin the process of searching for sources for your two assignments. You are not required to use this form; however, it may help you to focus on the goal of retrieving relevant sources for your paper. Click on the worksheet to retrieve the PDF version.

jpg of worksheet that when clicked will bring up PDF of worksheet.