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Plagiarism: Keeping it out of the classroom: Student Resources

Tools to help faculty and students avoid plagiarism.

West Valley College Policy

Students Rights and Responsibilities 

When a student is charged with plagiarism or cheating related to a class, and the instructor has reasonable proof or documentation or the student admits the violation, the instructor may select one or more of the following options:

  1. Issue an oral or written notification and warn the student that further acts of this sort will result in additional disciplinary action.
  2.  Issue a failing grade (“F”) or “0” for the assignment in question.
  3. Refer the student to the CSSO for disciplinary action.

Source: 2015-2016 West Valley College Catalog, p.194:.

Kirby Ferguson on remixing

Is it plagiarism or creativity?  

Writing Help for Students

The Writing Center is an open computer lab where students can get help with writing assignments for any class at WVC. Peer tutors and English faculty members are available to help you succeed. Open lab hours and one-on-one tutoring are available.

  With an LS110E referral form signed by an instructor or counselor, students can receive free assistance with any writing assignment, outline or project for any class. 


These handouts might be good to post on Angel or hand out in class.

West Valley College Student Academic Conduct -

Preventing Plagiarism for students (

Information Ethics Handout for WVC students